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PINNED is the much-anticipated follow-up to debut album 'My Friend'. Released via Ransom Note Records, PINNED sees C.A.R. – aka Chloé Raunet – refine her palette of glimmering electronics and post punk angles.

With Raunet taking on the mantle of producer, singer, and songwriter, the album is a journey inside her inner world. Part French pop chanteuse and part cold wave androgyny, Raunet’s vocals spin out mysterious stories over hazy claustrophobic synth pop and epic, widescreen electronica vignettes.

From the whispering creep of ‘VHS’ to the android John Foxx-esque machine march of ‘Cholera’, PINNED keeps its secrets close, offering both flashes of bittersweet joy – as on album closer ‘This City’s exhortation that “I’m still drunk on life, so I won’t sleep tonight” – and numb, world weary ballads. “Sitting on your broken bones, the years have slapped around”, Raunet laments on standout lead single ‘Daughters’, an elegy to the faded.

After a career that has seen her formerly leading the feted electro outfit Battant, collaborating with trend setters including Maceo Plex, Ivan Smagghe, Krikor and Red Axes, C.A.R. is now blossoming as an artiste in her own right. Her enigmatic, electronic pop is packed with intricate left turns and tiny details flickering away at the edge of hearing. Aided by a restrained mix from Steve Osborne (Happy Mondays, Simple Minds and… New Order), PINNED has found the rarest of sweet spots between underground innovation and pop immediacy.


released February 16, 2018

All songs written & composed by Chloé Raunet except Random Words, co-composed with Rupert Cross
Additional arrangements by Rupert Cross
Thorbjorn Kolbrunarson on bass guitar
Produced & mixed by Steve Osborne at Real World Studios
Mastered by Ed Upton at Curve Pusher
Artwork & design by Jesse Holborn
Photograph by Thea Baddiley
Further credit & thanks to Ivan Smagghe for all the help


all rights reserved



C.A.R. London, UK

London residing, Franco-Canadian Chloé Raunet has been immersed in the world of post-punk, cold wave and her own brand of off-kilter synth-pop since the days fronting her band Battant. She’s now got a fully fledged solo project under the name C.A.R.
A fan of the weirder edges of electronic music, she also DJs and co-hosts the fortnightly 239EF show on NTS Radio (formally known as Latete Atoto).
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Track Name: Growing Pains
These grey streets
Swelling in my bones
I walked a thousand steps to be alone
I’m green-faced
Think I’m spinning out
Choking on some pill I can’t condone

Can you, will you, take me, see you
Figure in this morning haze
If all this has a meaning, I have found it underneath the table
Hanging off your every word
Im holy, I am not absurd
These growing pains will not subside
Until you taste what’s in my mind

A tight stitch
Here I talk in codes
Hanging from the seam and the threads show
I’m off pitch
Got your dirty clothes
Weighing down the lines I might compose
Track Name: Daughters
Mirrored globes to orbit
That’s the pole you feel
Hooking up your bare legs
Bare knees you use to kneel
Scans you, looks so sweaty
Soaking up the dollars
Seems the walls are watching
Better hide your daughters

Behind the screen of shadows
Little private dance
Escaping from the world outside
The trucks as they rush past
Counting neon flickers
Oh this world, how it’s gone cold
Succumb to numbing splashes
Every one a life untold

Better hide your daughters

Inside your just a lonely boy
You clutch a used-up wish
Staring at that starless sky
That never gives out shit
Sitting on your broken bones
The world has slapped around
Holding on to broken dreams
That ran you out of town

They ran you out of town
That ran you out of town
Better hide your daughters
Track Name: Heat
You don’t need to know more
Got a mechanism
And I’m doubled up with laugher
Such a scene
You can drag me to the corner
What’s the difference
It’ll still say out of order
Scrub you clean

Cause I’m the robber, I’m the robber
Steal from the thief
I can take the heat
And you’re the beggar, you’re the beggar
Really begs belief
Look at you retreat

Take me to the table
See what’s under it
A shot glass full of fame is
All we need
Those artificial flavours
Taste no different
So let’s play take the takers
On our knees
Track Name: Flat Out at the Sockhop
I wanna tell you nothing is true
I chipped a tooth on the things I said to you
Hit the bottom line, landed on my face
I’m flat out, taking all the space
Big world you look good from down here
Big girl, stand up, what’s around here?
All the little things I recognise
On my feet, twice the size

So won’t you pull me up again
I’m full of holes, wearing thin
But there’s still enough to keep you dry
I’ll keep my shape
We’ll pass the time

I wanna tell you nothing is true
I chipped a tooth but I think that i’ll pull through
Pick the pieces up, we can cut and paste
A bit torn but I ain’t erased
Big world, nice moves, let em twist you
Big girl, looking good it fits you
In the middle, and I’m mesmerised
In between, twice as high
Track Name: Random Words
Stereo’s blasting
You smoke the evening haze
And Square Pete doubts the story
Jane likes sharps
April Fool’s Day
She’ll dust you, with scars and starlit glory
Art hung from the railings
Rusting more and more
Highlights this Lower East dream
We painted, still not fading
Holds a tint of what’s in store
Sipping wine, I watch you curling in

Sipping, I watch you curling in
Track Name: Cholera
Stripped back secondary, Austin voice
As milky as her bones
We have loved, as we are loveless
Touch down, southern clouds, hanging low
As heavy as this blood
Filling up, a tank of justice

Distant thunder
Fumbled play
Lives outlined in chalk
Stormy laughter
Far away
Our plans they took a knock
Sweaty darkness
Got no charge
Thumb without a tool
A hundred reasons
All at large
No way to get to you.

Sky-high memories, optic pins
There’s mint left in the glass
We ripped, to free the flavour
Wet leaves, seventeen, prickly breath
Kisses steal smiles
We pimp this bad behaviour
Track Name: Swaggart
Sparks from the 4-way
Guess I’m disillusioned
I try to move objects
I’m weak in the mind
Fleeced like we all our
Shepherds of progress
Deceive me with magic
Show me a sign

Expecting a miracle
I’m here in the name of
Expecting a miracle
Show me a sign

Never the snakes head
The girl holds a charmer
Now into a wide mouth
On her own accord
You talk of the fairground
You burn it out right now
You throw it all over
Save us some time
Track Name: Strange Ways
How could I have lived so many different lives in this town?
All you familiar strangers, you’re just faces in the crowd
And how could your name escape me?
You were once what I held dear
I can barely build a memory
Of the people we once were

Stop playing games
Picking up pace
Everyone is wild in the strangest ways
We sweat and toil
We’re chasing thrills
We’re closing in with looks that kill

We can sit here making small talk
But I dunno who you are
Packed up in the boxes
Shipped off somewhere far
Track Name: VHS
Miles locked in the camcorder
Child you’re going back now
When your mistakes were time-coded
You came out from the shadow

You come out from the shadow
Child we’re going back now

Secret journal got the key
Child you’re going back now
And hindsight acts as referee
You come out from the shadow

But your memories might lead you astray
Child we’re going back now
And you can mask them with a cutaway
You come out from the shadow
Track Name: Prism
Something isn’t working
I’ve woken up the dark
It’s pulling at my covers
But I won’t turn on the light
In a cold and empty box
Getting battered by the rain
Viciously unkind
And I lie here all the same

Drugged in half a daylight
I fumble through the drawers
To dress the musky morning
I take it on all fours
Through the mist of perfumed showers
Find prisms nonetheless
I dive into the colours
I’ll soon forget the rest
Track Name: This City
First of long haul jets are rumbling
In to land, far away
Rest your weary, travelled eyes
Fixed here on the ground
In the distance sirens wine, a night shift ends, a child cries
Market stalls go up, I hang around

And I’m still drunk on lies, so I won’t sleep tonight.
Oh this city holds my eyes, so I won’t sleep tonight.

Branded by a blackbird singing
Circles round our guttered souls
And I’ll dance amongst the bottles, broken
Scarred us as our lives unfold
And I’ll stay here with the strangers, stragglers
Workers smoke the crack of dawn
A fault-line through the city
For the takers, and the hangers on

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